Reviews plays an important role in the entire life of Merchant/Seller. Online sellers are always in hunt for reviewers who can give honest and unbiased review to improve their sales and ranking at Online marketplaces like Amazon.

Reviewers love to test and review the product for free, if given a chance to do so.

At, we have created a platform for both the Reviewers & Merchants to interact and mutually benefits each other.

Join Now as Reviewer and start browsing product of your interest and send the review request to Merchant through our in-built system. Submitting Review request is really fast and is actually just one click away.

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Reviewer FAQ

is it FREE to register?

Yes, Registration for reviewer membership is FREE and will alwasys be.

What about 4 star or 5 star review?
We recommend you to give an honest and unbiased review. However, if you feel that their needs to be some improvements to the product or have some bad feedback, we encourage you to initiate chat with seller, so that he can work out on those issues.

is this service available in UK or Canada?
Coming soon! Right now, we are only dealing with and we will open to other countries very soon. Please let us know if what country/platforms you’d like to get free stuff from.

How will the seller contact me?
You submit your review application by clicking the one big “I’d love to review” button on the product page and your details are sent to the Merchant/Seller. Further, Merchant/Seller review your application and make his due diligence and contact you.

I have got more question/need more info.
Feel free to send us a message any time.Click here to contact us.

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